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.UNO Founder's Program

What is the .UNO Founder's Program?

The .UNO Founder's Program aims to secure new interest and marketability in launching the .UNO Top Level Domain (“TLD”) by inviting large national and international businesses to participate. The program typically has the following parameters:

  • The .UNO Registry will select and approach large national and international businesses for their Founder’s Program who are looking to enhance or expand their multicultural online presence and initiatives.
  • The .UNO Registry will allow Founder's Program Participants to secure their .UNO domains for free, only for their trademarks they have been successfully filed with the Trademark Clearinghouse, prior to general public registration. In exchange for the free .UNO domain(s), the .UNO Registry will require Founder’s Program Participants to:
    • develop and promote a .UNO Spanish website or offer translation from English to Spanish on the website to gain exposure for the new .UNO TLD within thirty (30) days after the end of the Sunrise Period; and
    • issue an immediate joint press release upon signing a Founder’s Program Agreement and when their new .UNO website is officially launched in 2014.
  • The .UNO Registry will allow Founder’s Program Participants to also secure top generic .UNO TLDs which complement their brand’s multicultural initiatives, prior to general public registration. Founder’s Program Participant’s will gain access to the most desirable .UNO domains. These short, intuitive, obvious and memorable domain names have potential to be marquis web properties. Examples of this caliber of domain name might be: ‘tax.uno/ impuesto.uno’, ‘cards.uno/tarjetas.uno’, ‘food.uno/comida.uno‘, ‘travel.uno/viajar.uno‘, ‘business.uno/negocios.uno’, ‘phone.uno/telefono.uno’, and ‘shop.uno/compras.uno‘ – names that carry significant meaning and relevance to Founder’s Program Participants.
  • The .UNO Registry, in cooperation with their Premium Domain Name Broker, will determine and convey to the Founders Program Participants the fair market value for the desired generic .UNO TLDs they wish to secure individually or as a package, prior to general public registration. This money raised will help the registry successfully launch, market the TLD on a wide scale, and ensure the popularity of the TLD for both the Registry and the Founder’s Program Participants.
  • The .UNO Founder’s Program will offer smaller-scale investors like small businesses, organizations, and individuals the visibility and boost that comes from being associated with large companies using the same .UNO TLD.

To express your interest in the .UNO Founder’s Program, please refer to our application form.

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