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What is .UNO?

.UNO is a short, meaningful and memorable new top level domain.

.UNO has universal recognition for being number one, first, unique and the best.

.UNO will globally connect over 490 million Spanish speaking businesses, consumers and individuals.

.UNO is complimentary to, or in some cases will replace, .COM as the preferred domain of choice with the Hispanic, Latino, Spanish and Italian markets.

Choosing a .UNO domain name will help you or your businesses instantly connect to these fast growing markets, rich with opportunity. Whether you or your customers speak English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, .UNO is the #1 choice and where you need to be.

Connecting Communities

Connecting a Community

Connect to Hispanic and Latino businesses and consumers by becoming a .UNO Registrar. .UNO is the only extension designed to reach these specific markets; globally uniting these communities through the internet.

Better Recognition

Soon, the Internet will change how websites are classified and how search engines rank consumer search requests. Relevant search criteria will be based on location, industry and content. .UNO allows sites to instantly be recognized by businesses and consumers looking for multi-lingual information, cultural connections, history or reference materials online.

Branding Benefits

.UNO allows you to reach a target market and to optimize your client’s true branding potential within the Hispanic and Latino communities. .UNO allows you to help your clients promote their business within these communities in a multi-lingual environment. .UNO is the right choice, the right market and the perfect place to be for you and your clients.

Latin America Stats & Trends

Business is changing. More than 34% of the world’s population use the Internet today, up from only 3.6% in 1998. Spanish and Portuguese speaking cultures make up a large portion of these Internet users, currently representing over 1 trillion dollars in consumer spending, annually. Commerce is going digital and forward thinking companies are positioning themselves to be ahead of the market. Don't wait. Deliver your message to consumers regardless of their physical location by choosing a domain extension that relates to both their language and culture.

2012 Latin America Stats

Internet Usage

Online Sales
in 2012
of users bought
a product online
Search Volume


Frequently Asked Questions

.UNO is an internet extension. Acting as an alternative to .COM, .UNO provides businesses with a unique consumer relationship building opportunity by creating association through common language and cultural differentiation.

.UNO is designed to specifically showcase businesses that wish to transact and provide information, products, and services to the Hispanic and Latino Communities.

NO, however, while registrations are open to everyone, .UNO was specifically designed to assist with identifying businesses and organizations interested in reaching out to the Italian or Spanish speaking cultures.

Yes. All registrars who wish to make transactions with the .UNO registry will need to sign a Registry-Registrar Agreement for .UNO, successfully complete Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) certification and meet Dot Latin LLC's legal, business and financial requirements.

Yes. All registrars who wish to register .UNO domains must sign the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

.UNO domains are only offered through ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars, or their authorized Resellers, who have been authorized by Dot Latin LLC, the .UNO Registry. We will provide a list of approved registrars on our website.

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